Level Design for Games

Level Design for Games

CGMaster Academy – Level Design for Games

In this course you will learn to approach 3D game level environments from a design perspective. The lectures will explore theory of games, shape composition, architecture, and player psychology. You will design and iterate on level setups from the initial planning phases to playable prototypes in Unity. The course will focus on crafting immersion and modeling shapes that intrigue, surprise, and inspire players. We’ll explore how to design for game mechanics and narrative, creating level progressions that support character development and player experience.

Week 1 | Getting Started
Week 2 | Shapes, Space, and Beyond
Week 3 | Elements of Layout
Week 4 | Hit the Books
Week 5 | Shape in Sequence
Week 6 | Exploration Design
Week 7 | Battlefield Design
Week 8 | Multiplayer Combat Design
Week 9 | Puzzle Design
Week 10 | Play-Testing and Iteration
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