Building a Crafting Game: GameMaker Studio 2

Building a Crafting Game: GameMaker Studio 2

Skillshare – Building a Crafting Game: GameMaker Studio 2

This class is all about developing a crafting game, in GameMaker Studio 2. We'll learn to code with GameMaker Language and develop our game from the ground up!

About the Instructor

Hi, I'm Gurpreet S. Matharoo! I've been teaching game development for years, and making games for longer. I've taught over 5 courses on Udemy & Skillshare, published numerous tutorial posts on my blog, and regularly create free tutorials on my YouTube channel, GameMakerStation. I've also been featured on the official YoYo Games blog as a guest writer.

About the Class

Whether you're a beginner with no coding background, or a game developer looking to gain more experience; this course will help you get where you need to be. We're gonna go through many practical lessons, learning something new at each step!

Here are some things we'll be learning in this course:

GameMaker Language basics
Player movement with pickaxe
Resolution handling
Breaking objects with pickaxe
Setting up data with arrays and enums
Stacking inventory using data structures
User interfaces
Crafting systems
and more!
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