Make the Game Art for Your 2d Platformer (Updated: 2/2020)

Make the Game Art for Your 2d Platformer (Updated: 2/2020)

Udemy – Make the Game Art for Your 2d Platformer (Updated: Feb 2020)

Learn how to use Inkscape and the mouse to create attractive game art.
What you'll learn

Make the game art of a 2d platformer.
Learn the tools, methods and techniques to create vector illustrations.
Learn the basic techniques to create tile based game art.
Learn the foundamentals of Inkscape for illustration.


The free program Inkscape and a working mouse (tablet are not necesary)


In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to create the game art for your 2d platformer. And all by using the fantastic free, open source vector illustration software Inkscape.

We'll be using vector graphics and the mouse (no need for tablets) to create beautiful, HD graphics, in the style that you often see in many modern, 2d cartoony cellphone games but also in some PC games as well.

But the great thing is that you don't have to be an artist to take this course!. We'll start from the ground up, with a mini-course on how to use the program (Inkscape) for illustration, then we'll delve into more specific game art techniques, finally we'll start making the assets of our 2d platformer one by one, ranging from items to game characters. And once we have everything we need, we'll assemble everything into a mockup illustration (a fake screenshot).

Here are a few of the things this course deals with:

Designing and drawing attractive assets for a 2d platformer using vectors

Inkscape for illustration

Tools, methods and techniques for game art and general vector illustration

Basic character design

Basic background design

Working with tileable assets in Inkscape

So, if you want to make a game but you aren't an artist, this course may just be for you.

Who this course is for:

Beginners who wants to learn to make attractive game art.
Game designers who need art for their games.
Programmers and non-artistic people who think making game art is difficult.
Vector artist who wants to learn how to use Inkscape for game art.
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