Game Ready Tree Creation from Maya to Unreal

Game Ready Tree Creation from Maya to Unreal

Gumroad – Game Ready Tree Creation from Maya to Unreal

We're thrilled to be featuring a tutorial by Simon Barle, a game industry veteran with experience from titles like Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield V. In this fully narrated tutorial, you will get insights into his AAA workflow for creating trees.

Simon breaks down the process by sharing insights into how photogrammetry can be used as a tool for understanding shapes and surfaces. He shows his high poly modeling techniques for the tree trunk, berries, leaves, and branches. He covers sculpting in Zbrush, UV creation and setup, bark texture creation, tree texturing, preparing the model for game engine use, and shader creation in Unreal.

Simon also shares critical insights into how to optimize assets for production while keeping the final quality in mind. If you want in-depth insight into how an industry pro creates foliage for games, this is the tutorial for you.

Simon Barle is a foliage expert with 8 years of experience in the game industry. He has worked on Star Wars Battlefront, as well as several of the Battlefield series while at DICE. He is currently an Environment Artist at Ubisoft in Sweden. Simon is passionate about vegetation in games, and sees it as a great way to ground the setting. He always tries to combine different techniques and technologies to achieve high quality results in his foliage work. His work has been featured numerous times in 3D Artist Magazine, 80 lvl, as well as other publications.


- 5 hours narrated, step-by-step video tutorial

- SBS Graph

- Shaders

- References

- 1080 Resolution

- Stream video directly (for Studios who need downloadable files, get in touch)

Software Used

- Maya

- Substance Designer

- ZBrush

- Substance Painter

- Photoshop

- Unreal Engine
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